Friday, September 5, 2014

Which Type of Bike Shorts is Right for You?

Buying your first pair of bike shorts can be pretty overwhelming. But fear not! Our handy guide to bike short types is here and ready to help.

Baggies: These shorts are basically like a cargo short with a padded liner underneath. The liner is usually removable, so you can wash it separately or wear the shorts without it. These shorts are used for mountain biking or casual riding.
Pros: These shorts are far more subtle looking than your traditional spandex “bike shorts.”
Cons: The extra fabric can be annoying to some riders and is not aerodynamic.

Bibs: These shorts are designed with long straps that go over the shoulders, kind of like overalls. The idea is to eliminate the waistband to increase comfort. They might look funny, but they’re actually really comfy. Hint: Your jersey goes over the straps. They’re used for road or mountain biking.
Pros: Super comfortable, won’t snag on trees or branches in the woods.
Cons: Skin-tight lycra can be intimidating for newbies.  For women, the straps can make it tough to take a quick bathroom break during a ride.

Shorts: These padded Lycra shorts are what most people think of when you say “bike shorts.” They’re pretty simple, and have varying features depending on price point.
Pros: These shorts are comfortable and inexpensive. They also can be worn under other clothing if necessary. For women, they make bathroom breaks easier.
Cons: As with bibs, skin tight can be scary. Also, the waistband can cause some discomfort when you’re hunched in the saddle for hours.

Stop by the store--- we’re happy to help you figure out which kind is best for you!